Thursday, November 25, 2004

Another Drop into the blog ocean..

So.. here it is.. the blog ocean gets deeper by one more drop.

I've never really gotten into blogs. I consider them, generally speaking, to be representative of the decline of discourse in America, as they're not really forums for discussion, but rather "this is my opinion and I'm right, if you disagree with me you are wrong." There's something a bit too concrete about them, I suppose.

With that in mind, comments will be allowed on all posts in this blog, if anyone ever actually reads it anyway, which probably won't happen. Heh.

I hope that this blog never degenerates into the type of paranoid ranting seen on other blogs, particularly the politically-driven type of blog. Blogs of those type brought about the name of this one. Those who believe that they are part of some sort of revolution, who speak in glossy terms about the "blogosphere" and their impact out there in the off-Internet world irritate the crap out of me. More paranoid delusion, particularly about the 2004 election, came out of the "blogosphere" than in the collective mind of any party or group of people in the history of creation. Is that a generalization? Yes. Do I care? No. If you do, feel free to comment.

Anyway, that's about it for now.. take it easy.